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Alisha Todd


Alisha sings the songs of a curious traveller, bringing focus to the beauty of humans and nature alike. Being no stranger to change, her wandering melodies and old soul delivery are accompanied by a variety of her favourite musical friends and often she will stand it alone, with her guitar and loop pedal as her trusty steeds. Her profound affection for fusing jazz and pop with an earthy roots flavour creates a brew that warms you from the inside and embraces your physical being in a musical mumma squeeze.

2013 of her debut EP ‘Of All Time’, a 5-track collection of country-pop inspired songs. The EP was warmly received in shows supporting fellow Australian independent artists Marshall Okell and Claude Hay. ‘Without Us’ earned Alisha three Dolphin Awards Finalist Nominations in the categories of Vocalist of the Year, Pop Song of the Year and New Emerging Talent of the Year and ‘Charlie’ making finalist in Pop song of the year for both Dolphin Awards and The Music Oz awards.

Following the release of her debut EP, Alisha set off on a 3.5-year journey of self, social and musical discovery through Europe. While living in Ibiza, Spain, Alisha released her latest EP ‘Live At Sonic Vista Studios’, a collection of live solo acoustic performances recorded at the luscious Sonic Vista Studios, located in the secluded hills of Ibiza inside a 400 year old finca. This EP is available on Spotify.

On her return to Australian soil, Alisha graced the stages of the Australian music festival scene.

The Songstress

Alisha Todd

Alisha has just released her forth-coming EP ‘Make Believe’, a rebirth of sound and an exploration of the voice and it’s layers. The first single release from ‘Make Believe’, titled ‘Icelandia’, quickly made it’s way onto the airways, being added to Triple J’s ‘Roots N All’, Gold Coast ABC Radio and Sunshine Coast’s commercial radio Sea FM.

From her humble beginnings being raised on country and 90’s pop in small town Gympie, to opening the lid of Pandora’s box of worldly delights, Alisha has sung her way through it all with a fiery passion that only grows with time. You’ll want to hear it.

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Alisha Todd
Alisha Todd
Alisha Todd
Alisha Todd - Alone (Balcony TV)
Alisha Todd – Alone (Balcony TV)
Alisha Todd - Icelandia
Alisha Todd – Icelandia

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