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Michael Crush

Breath coach

Nestled in the tranquil scenery of Byron Bay, our accomplished breath coach, Michael Crush, specialises in fostering deep relaxation for restoration and breathing that enhances mental and physical performance.

Boundless Breathing with Michael is not just a chance to recharge. It’s an opportunity to learn essential skills that seamlessly blend into every aspect of your life. This program empowers you to broaden your potential while cultivating mental clarity, calmness, and connection with yourself and others.

Michael utilises a variety of techniques including yogic breath work, meditation, and the Buteyko method. His approach’s distinctive charm lies in merging these methods. He uses invigorating activities like cold water exposure, skydiving during his training sessions and corporate retreats. This unique combination nurtures robust resilience and admirable stress tolerance.

Build inner resilience as you embrace the Byron Bay Experience with Michael Crush. A voyage of self-mastery and wellness, all under the warm embrace of the Australian sun.

Breathing and ice baths Byron Bay

Session options

Guided Breathing and Meditation

Dvele into a series of focused breathing and meditation exercises aimed at enhancing mental clarity and physical wellness.

The session starts with an introduction to yogic breathing techniques that help control and stabilise your breath. This is followed by a guided meditation period, using the preceding breath work. This method promotes mindfulness and connection with your inner self.

The latter part of the session introduces elements from the Buteyko method, providing practical strategies for improving daily breathing and overall health. The session wraps up with silent reflection, offering time to integrate the lessons learnt.

Breath & Ice bath

The idea of the ice bath is learning how to control your breath in stressful situations observing that your breath can help you maintain calm in an intense environment. A team building activity, you’ll be there to cheer your friends on as they get out of the bath.

The cold also gives the participant a rush of dopamine and adrenaline helping them stay focused and alert for the remainder of the day.

pre- wedding de-stress

Spend half an hour before the wedding ceremony to help calm the nerves of the big day. Wedding nerves can often be so much that the day goes by in a blur and you only have the photos to remember the day. What if you could have both cherished memories and the photos to go with them? This is a chance for each party to calm the nervous system and help them be more present during a moment that is set to change their lives forever.

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Breathing, meditation and ice baths in Byron Bay

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