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Drumming experience

Sound Synergy is an interactive drumming workshop company that uses the universal language of rhythm to unite people in business as one powerful collective. Facilitated by percussionist Gareth Jones, Sound Synergy has been operating team building and corporate events overseas and in Australia since 2001, bringing an unparalleled energy to each and every session.

African djembes are supplied to all participants, and you are transported into the mystical world of tribal drumbeats and flowing rhythms. No musical experience is necessary to participate and your whole company will feel the unique synergised power of playing drums together as one whole tribe.

Drumming together will de-stress, rejuvinate and energise the participants. It is an entertaining, fun and exhilarating lesson in teamwork. The underlying drum pulse rhythmically connects all the participants and by listening to one another and working together to support the rhythm you find the group moves to new levels of connection.

Challenging & fun


A general session usually runs from 45min – 1 hour. This is a perfect time frame to keep the energy levels high and the creativity flowing. This session gets everyone working together as one to experience the power of unified rhythm. Every participant uses drums as well as other percussion to get the music flowing and join the beat.

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Sound Synergy Drumming Workshop
Sound Synergy Drumming Workshop
Sound Synergy Drumming Workshop

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