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We love things that are immersive and interactive because that’s where people are engaged and have an actual experience. You can stand around and drink at home, you’ve come to Byron Bay for an experience, and thats exactly what we’re going to give you. We’ll make sure that people leave with stand out memories. 

We direct the experience using lighting and colour, we move people effortlessly around the space by the way in which we have placed the entertainment. For example we might have an entertainer that will draw the guest’s eyes to have them notice the exquisite sunset and as it finishes the bar closes and the lighting changes with another space lighting up so guests will naturally flow to a new zone. We don’t need to tell people to sit down for dinner they will naturally feel to move to that space because of the way we have curated the event. Everything happens in a natural sequence.

Organic Flow

The experience is tailored based on the qualities of the chosen venue, the time of year, the weather, what the sun is doing, what the guests were doing earlier that day, the night before, when they arrived in Byron and so on.

Nothing happens by chance, our events are creatively orchestrated and very precisely administrated so that the day of the event has a relaxed, organic, natural flow forming the essence of your Byron Bay Experience.

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Incentive Trips

We create experiences that spoil your super humans in line with the values of your company.



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Venue Entertainment

We pair our wide range of entertainment to suit each unique venue’s in-house needs

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Birthday Parties

Party ideas to get you out of the same old stuff year after year

Byron Bay Experience

Photo booth Hire

Photo Booth Hire with unlimited, customisable prints and props

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We create more fun and more immersive experiences for your luxe events.

We are a streamlined one stop shop with local expertise to support your event booking process from start to finish.

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